Welcome to Better Than Ever Live! My name is Dr. David Geier, double-board certified orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist and media medical expert. I help you feel and perform your best, regardless of age, injury, or medical condition.

Better Than Ever Live!, as the name suggests, is a live show coming soon on YouTube and Facebook, and hopefully soon, on LinkedIn and Instagram. It will also drop as an audio podcast the following day.

Each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 5 PM ET, I’ll discuss new research and medical studies on topics like nutrition, exercise, fitness, sleep, mental health and much, much more. We talk about the health news, information and tips you need to feel better and live longer.

The show is meant to be interactive. If you are watching live, feel free to comment on the topics of the day and ask questions that come to mind.

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel – youtube.com/drdavidgeier – and click the bell to receive notifications when we go live. Or follow my page – DrDavidGeier – on Facebook and watch the live shows there. And if you would rather listen to the audio version, at the gym or driving to or from work, make sure to subscribe to the Better Than Ever Live! podcast in your favorite podcast app.