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Podcast Archive
401 How does the use of phones and other media at night affect kids’ sleep and health? 4/29/2019
400 Can simple and short movement breaks help you live longer? 4/22/2019
399 Can standing throughout the day help you lose weight? 4/15/2019
398 How does exercise make you healthier? 4/08/2019
397 Are low-impact exercise and sports bad for your bones? 4/01/2019
396 What kind of exercise best helps you stay young? 3/25/2019
395 Can exercise lower blood pressure as well as medications can? 3/18/2019
394 Can phosphate in our food keep us from exercising? 3/11/2019
393 Can blood-flow restriction training make you stronger? 3/04/2019
392 What type of exercise can help you look and feel younger? 2/25/2019
391 How much sleep do you need each night for optimal health? 2/18/2019
390 What foods can you eat to boost your energy and improve your performance? 2/11/2019
389 Why might walking in a park make you healthier? 2/04/2019
388 Is too much exercise bad for your health? 1/28/2019
387 Is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) better than hyaluronic acid for knee arthritis? 1/21/2019
386 Will drinking alkaline water improve your health? 1/14/2019
385 How can regular exercise make you look and feel decades younger? 1/07/2019
384 Can drinking coffee help you live longer? 12/31/2018
383 How does a concussion affect the heart? 12/24/2018
382 How can you best stop food cravings? 12/17/2018
381 How can we prevent muscle loss as we get older? 12/10/2018
380 Could virtual reality help your workouts? 12/03/2018
379 Are some carbs healthier for you than others? 11/26/2018
378 Could the popular high-fat diets actually make you fatter and heavier? 11/19/2018
377 What is the potential effect of concussions on your brain function and cognitive abilities? 11/12/2018
376 Should we blame our brain for sitting so much? 11/05/2018
375 Why does exercise not increase our daily physical activity? 10/29/2018
374 How can you overcome the harmful consequences of a sedentary lifestyle? 10/22/2018
373 What is the best sport for increasing your life span? 10/15/2018
372 How much protein can you safely eat each day? 10/08/2018
371 Is coconut oil healthy or harmful? 10/01/2018
370 Are female soccer players more likely to develop brain damage from heading the ball than males? 9/24/2018
369 What is turf burn, and how do you treat it? 9/17/2018
368 How does when we eat affect our health? 9/10/2018
367 What are the risks of skipping exercise during a vacation? 9/03/2018
366 How can you ensure you hydrate effectively? 8/27/2018
365 Is standing or exercise better for your health? 8/20/2018
364 What are the best ways to start a workout program? 8/13/2018
363 Can time-restricted eating, or intermittent fasting, help you lose weight? 8/06/2018
362 Is it a good idea to see a chiropractor for bone or joint pain or injury? 7/30/2018
361 What are the best ways to boost your energy levels? 7/23/2018
360 Could weight training treat or prevent depression? 7/16/2018
359 How could exercising one arm or leg improve the strength on the opposite side? 7/09/2018
358 Does a family’s wealth affect their child’s risk of sports injury? 7/02/2018
357 What healthy habits could allow you to live many years longer? 6/25/2018
356 Does exercise increase your risk of ALS? 6/18/2018
355 Will a ban on heading in soccer lead to fewer head injuries? 6/11/2018
354 What are the real risks for shoulder and elbow injuries in youth baseball? 6/04/2018
353 Why could grunting help your sports performance? 5/28/2018
352 What is the role of testosterone supplementation for aging men? 5/21/2018
351 Why are even very short walks good for your health? 5/14/2018
350 Why could cortisone injections by your doctor hurt your shoulder? 5/07/2018
349 How can intermittent fasting help you lose weight? 4/30/2018
348 How does intermittent fasting effect your endurance? 4/23/2018
347 Why could watching too much TV kill you? 4/16/2018
346 What effect does listening to music have as we exercise? 4/09/2018
345 How do our friends’ posts about fitness on social media affect us? 4/02/2018
344 Could drinking coffee worsen your athletic performance? 3/26/2018
343 How can a hobby improve your health? 3/19/2018
342 How can schools use physical education to improve academic results? 3/12/2018
341 Why do so many people within football believe the sport is fine and don’t see a need to change? 3/05/2018
340 Can 20 minutes of intense exercise improve your memory? 2/26/2018
339 What are the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy? 2/19/2018
338 Are concussions in PE classes common for kids? 2/12/2018
337 Why do so few young athletes who suffer concussions receive medical follow up? 2/05/2018
336 Are women naturally more athletic and fitter than men? 1/29/2018
335 Can playing multiple high school sports affect your injury risk later in your career? 1/22/2018
334 Can taking ADHD medications increase your risk for a stress fracture? 1/15/2018
333 Why does exercise alone not help you lose weight? 1/08/2018
332 Why might working out with friends be better than exercising alone? 1/01/2018
331 Are NBA players who get more rest during the regular season at less risk of injury? 12/25/2017
330 Do female athletes take longer to recover from concussions? 12/18/2017
329 Are video games actually helpful for kids and youth sports? 12/11/2017
328 What role do subconcussive blows have in brain injury? 12/04/2017
327 Can anti-inflammatory medications stop muscle growth? 11/27/2017
326 Should adults who played youth football worry about their brains? 11/20/2017
325 Do younger patients have better outcomes than older patients after ACL surgery? 11/13/2017
324 How often should you stand up and move each day? 11/06/2017
323 Could strength training hurt your endurance? 10/30/2017
322 How does the deterioration of artificial turf over time affect injury rates? 10/23/2017
321 Can marijuana improve athletic performance? 10/16/2017
320 Why do you need to consider the risk of arthritis when recovering from a sports injury? 10/09/2017
319 Would sliding feet first prevent many base running injuries? 10/02/2017
318 Why are teenagers the least physically active age group? 9/25/2017
317 Should parents pay their kids to eat healthier foods? 9/18/2017
316 Can patients expect a good quality of life 10 years after having ACL surgery? 9/11/2017
315 Are high-intensity interval workouts effective and safe for people of all ages? 9/04/2017
314 Can biomarkers detect CTE in living athletes? 8/28/2017
313 Why is a youth soccer league forcing parents to remain silent at games? 8/21/2017
312 Is yoga more dangerous than previously thought? 8/14/2017
311 Would a rating system make youth sports safer? 8/07/2017
310 What are the common injuries in stand-up paddle boarding? 7/31/2017
309 Do doctors get worse as they get older? 7/24/2017
308 Is physical exercise after a concussion harmful for the athlete? 7/17/2017
307 What role should PRP and stem cells play in the treatment of injuries of young athletes? 7/10/2017
306 What could explain the recent increase in youth baseball injuries? 7/03/2017
305 Should we perform heart screening for every young athlete in the United States? 6/26/2017
304 Why is deciding when a player can safely return to play so difficult in professional sports? 6/19/2017
303 How safe can we make “extreme” action sports? 6/12/2017
302 Why should parents be concerned about their children playing football 6/05/2017
301 How has the rehab after ACL surgery changed over the last 30 years? 5/29/2017
300 What should the role of stem cells and PRP be for active adults with arthritis? 5/22/2017
299 Why won’t better helmets and other protective equipment make sports that much safer? 5/15/2017
298 How can we make youth sports HEALTHY? 5/08/2017
297 How can we prevent every single death from exertional heat stroke in sports? 5/01/2017
296 Why do many coaches resist using ACL injury prevention programs? 4/24/2017
295 How can professional sports teams best evaluate and predict the health of athletes? 4/17/2017
294 Can we eliminate catastrophic cervical spine injuries from football? 4/10/2017
293 Why was arthroscopic surgery such a breakthrough for athletes and active people? 4/03/2017
292 Why could statin drugs hurt your exercise? 3/27/2017
291 Can simply injecting saline into the knee help arthritis pain? 3/20/2017
290 Why is your new workout not working? 3/13/2017
289 Can a blood test determine the severity of a concussion? 3/06/2017
288 Do shoe insoles prevent foot injuries? 2/27/2017
287 Why should you do physical activity every hour? 2/20/2017
286 How safe is hot yoga? 2/13/2017
285 How effective are low-carb, high-fat diets? 2/6/2017
284 Is the demise of American football plausible? 1/30/2017
283 Does professional soccer have a concussion problem? 1/23/2017
282 Can running actually reduce joint inflammation? 1/16/2017
281 How does early return to play after a concussion affect a young athlete? 1/09/2017
280 Why does your brain need to be retrained after an ACL injury? 1/02/2017
279 Does a “zero tolerance for head contact” rule decrease concussion risk? 12/26/2016
278 What is the best way to increase your workout motivation? 12/19/2016
277 Is there a “right” way to recover from sports injury? 12/12/2016
276 What does heading a soccer ball do to the brain? 12/05/2016
275 Why does the way you land from a jump influence the risk of an ACL injury? 11/28/2016
274 What is the risk of growth disturbance after ACL surgery in kids? 11/21/2016
273 Are youth soccer injuries skyrocketing? 11/14/2016
272 Can being inflexible lead to hamstring injuries? 11/07/2016
271 Can computerized concussion tests help doctors determine return to play? 10/31/2016
270 Should parents worry about their kids going to trampoline parks? 10/24/2016
269 Why do young athletes have a high rate of tearing their ACL grafts after surgery? 10/17/2016
268 Are concussions actually decreasing in high school football? 10/10/2016
267 What is the basis of the lawsuit against Pop Warner football? 10/03/2016
266 Why is rehab from sports-related concussions so important? 9/26/2016
265 Why are concussions increasing in children and adolescents? 9/19/2016
264 Does intermittent fasting help you lose weight and improve your health? 9/12/2016
263 Should we legalize performance-enhancing drugs? 9/05/2016
262 Is a new knee ligament surgery actually necessary? 8/29/2016
261 Should we restrict a pitcher’s innings after Tommy John surgery? 8/22/2016
260 How much can limiting contact practices in high school football decrease head impacts to the athletes? 8/15/2016
259 Why might whole-body cryotherapy be bad for you? 8/08/2016
258 Why is it hard for physicians to travel out of state with teams? 8/01/2016
257 Can exercise after learning boost your memory? 7/25/2016
256 Why are overuse injuries increasing in youth baseball? 7/18/2016
255 Why do many women fear going to the gym? 7/11/2016
254 Are gluten-free diets an unproven fad? 7/04/2016
253 What are the new guidelines for preventing sudden cardiac death in college athletes? 6/27/2016
252 How common are skateboarding injuries? 6/20/2016
251 Would taking more rest between sets when lifting weights be more effective? 6/13/2016
250 What can high schools do to encourage kids to play multiple sports? 6/6/2016
249 Is early sport specialization bad for young athletes? 5/30/2016
248 Does exercise make muscles work better as we get older? 5/23/2016
247 Were current NCAA athletes expected to be sports stars as kids? 5/16/2016
246 Are cumulative hits more dangerous than actual concussions in football? 5/09/2016
245 Is bridge-enhanced ACL repair a potential breakthrough in ACL surgery? 5/02/2016
244 Can ACL surgery prevent osteoarthritis and secondary meniscus tears? 4/25/2016
243 Can fatigue affect pitching mechanics and injury risk for young baseball players? 4/18/2016
242 What is the significance of the NFL admitting a link between football and CTE? 4/11/2016
241 Could an injury prevention program prevent arm injuries for young baseball pitchers? 4/4/2016
240 Does a gluten-free diet improve athletic performance? 3/28/2016
239 Do concussions as a child impair later brain function? 3/21/2016
238 Can competing with coworkers improve your health? 3/14/2016
237 Should NFL donations influence concussion research? 3/7/2016
236 Will restricting body checking decrease injury risks in youth hockey? 2/29/2016
235 Will cities change youth football programs in response to injury concerns? 2/22/2016
234 Do the new dietary guidelines represent a significant change? 2/15/2016
233 What are the arguments against banning kids under 18 from playing football? 2/8/2016
232 How do NFL players play through pain? 2/1/2016
231 Do athletes resist asking for help with mental health issues? 1/25/2016
230 How can we encourage skiers and snowboarders to wear helmets? 1/18/2016
229 Can genetic tests determine if your child will be a sports star? 1/11/2016
228 Can exercise during school improve children’s learning? 1/4/2016
227 Will watching too much TV kill you? 12/28/2015
226 Can athletes return to sports after suffering a herniated disc? 12/21/2015
225 How can concussed athletes best return to learning? 12/14/2015
224 Is mixed martial arts more dangerous than boxing? 12/7/2015
223 Can one hour less of sitting each day help you live longer? 11/30/2015
222 Could a medication eventually replace exercise? 11/23/2015
221 Will wearable technology transform sports and exercise? 11/16/2015
220 Are current football players likely to develop CTE one day? 11/9/2015
219 How common are spleen injuries in contact sports? 11/2/2015
218 Can yoga help improve arthritis pain? 10/26/2015
217 Why do many high school athletes use smokeless tobacco? 10/19/2015
216 Should combat sports be banned? 10/12/2015
215 Can a simple vision test detect concussions? 10/5/2015
214 Can bodybuilders overuse nutritional supplements? 9/28/2015
213 Can physical activity reduce your risk of death? 9/21/2015
212 Does playing tackle football as a child affect brain development? 9/14/2015
211 Can the NFL’s chief medical adviser make football safer? 9/7/2015
210 Can coach education and practice restrictions decrease injuries in youth football? 8/31/2015
209 Can we prevent lower extremity injuries in basketball? 8/24/2015
208 Would banning heading in soccer eliminate the risk for brain trauma? 8/17/2015
207 Does arthroscopic surgery help patients with knee arthritis? 8/10/2015
206 Can athletes actually drink too much water or sports drinks? 8/3/2015
205 Which youth athletes are most likely to suffer overuse injuries? 7/27/2015
204 Is screen time really bad for kids? 7/20/2015
203 Can multitasking make exercise easier? 7/13/2015
202 Is resistance training helpful for young athletes? 7/6/2015
201 What challenges exist to identifying and developing talented young athletes? 6/29/2015
200 What role should social media play in sports medicine? 6/22/2015
199 Can walking for two minutes an hour improve your health? 6/15/2015
198 What injuries cause groin pain in athletes? 6/8/2015
197 What are some common medical concerns for male athletes and active people? 6/1/2015
196 Is it healthier to be a morning person? 5/25/2015
195 Should surgeons stop performing arthroscopic knee surgeries in older patients? 5/18/2015
194 Is Bikram yoga safe? 5/11/2015
193 Why don’t people play sports after joint replacement? 5/04/2015
192 Are fewer kids playing team sports today? 4/27/2015
191 Should young athletes use allografts for ACL surgery? 4/20/2015
190 Do genes explain the higher rate of ACL tears in females? 4/13/2015
189 Are youth sports becoming too costly? 4/6/2015
188 Should athletes wear braces to prevent ankle sprains? 3/30/2015
187 Is playing tackle football at a young age risky? 3/23/2015
186 Can mental exercise improve muscle strength? 3/16/2015
185 Are elite athletes deficient in vitamin D? 3/9/2015
184 Can fitness apps on your phone improve your health? 3/2/2015
183 Can bone broth help you live and compete longer? 2/23/2015
182 Does lifting weights help you lose weight and fat? 2/16/2015
181 What are the health benefits to yoga? 2/09/2015
180 Is strength training a good way to get kids to exercise? 2/02/2015
179 How common are brain changes found in football players? 1/26/2015
178 What can athletes, coaches and teams do to prevent skin infections? 1/19/2015
177 Does less media coverage of women’s sports affect participation rates? 1/12/2015
176 Why are alternative treatments becoming popular among professional athletes? 1/05/2015
175 What changes are coming to the podcast and website? 12/29/2014
174 Why are shoulder dislocations so common in sports? 12/22/2014
173 What is the role of allografts in orthopaedic surgery? 12/15/2014
172 How can we better support the mental health of college athletes? 12/08/2014
171 How does obesity affect orthopedic surgery outcomes? 12/01/2014
170 What is turf toe, and how is it treated? 11/24/2014
169 What are the common injuries in youth basketball? 11/17/2014
168 How can physical fitness affect aging? 11/10/2014
167 What are common injuries among young gymnasts? 11/03/2014
166 How can dental health affect sports performance? 10/27/2014
165 Is playing on artificial turf more dangerous than playing on grass? 10/20/2014
164 Do the brand and age of the football helmet affect concussions in football? 10/13/2014
163 What steps can improve the care of masters athletes? 10/06/2014
162 What can cause leg pain in an athlete or active individual? 9/29/2014
161 Are stem cell therapies promising for cartilage damage of the knee? 9/22/2014
160 Is early surgery better for young kids with ACL injuries? 9/15/2014
159 Should cheerleading be considered a sport? 9/08/2014
158 How does your activity level affect your outcome from injury and surgery? 9/01/2014
157 How can sports help girls become leaders? 8/25/2014
156 What should athletes do after a first-time patellar dislocation? 8/18/2014
155 What can golfers do to treat and prevent low back pain? 8/11/2014
154 Is heat stroke common among endurance runners? 8/04/2014
153 Are eating disorders common among athletes? 7/28/2014
152 Should FIFA change its policies on concussions in soccer? 7/21/2014
151 Can physical fitness improve your children’s academic performance? 7/14/2014
150 Is early single-sport specialization best for youth athletic development? 7/07/2014
149 How can you select an appropriate running shoe for your foot? 6/30/2014
148 Why is sitting harmful to your health? 6/23/2014
147 How can we reduce injuries in youth soccer? 6/16/2014
146 How can you treat and prevent muscle cramps in sports and exercise? 6/09/2014
145 How can you best prepare for fall sports during the summer? 6/02/2014
144 How can you safely exercise in the summer heat and humidity? 5/26/2014
143 What are the common injuries in outdoor water sports? 5/19/2014
142 What can mothers do to get their children more active? 5/12/2014
141 What injury risks are associated with extreme sports? 5/05/2014
140 Is full cardiac screening possible at all levels of sports? 4/28/2014
139 What are the common lacrosse injuries, and how can players prevent them? 4/21/2014
138 Why are preparticipation physicals so important? 4/14/2014
137 How can you be a good youth sports coach? 4/07/2014
136 How can you be a good sports parent? 3/31/2014
135 Why are emergency action plans critical for sports teams? 3/24/2014
134 What has Tommy John surgery meant for baseball? 3/17/2014
133 Why might exercise be better than medicine? 3/10/2014
132 Why should sports teams have athletic trainer coverage? 3/03/2014
131 How can you recover quickly and most effectively from ACL surgery? 2/24/2014
130 Can exercise keep you young? 2/17/2014
129 What treatments are available for athletic people with knee arthritis? 2/10/2014
128 What are the most effective ways to manage hamstring injuries in athletes? 2/03/2014
127 Is football under attack? 1/27/2014
126 What is the best type of exercise? 1/20/2014
125 What shoulder injuries commonly afflict older athletes? 1/13/2014
124 What novel treatments for muscle injuries could be on the horizon? 1/6/2014
123 Is arthroscopic knee surgery completely safe? 12/30/2013
122 How do snowboarding injuries compare to skiing injuries? 12/23/2013
121 Is arthritis likely after ACL injury? 12/16/2013
120 Can we prevent deaths from commotio cordis in youth sports? 12/09/2013
119 How can athletes prevent and treat skin infections in team sports? 12/02/2013
118 Does mental attitude play a role in physical exhaustion? 11/25/2013
117 Does a degenerative meniscus tear require surgery? 11/18/2013
116 What is the significance of the new ligament recently discovered in the knee? 11/11/2013
115 How do you treat dental injuries in sports? 11/04/2013
114 How do allografts compare to autografts for ACL surgery? 10/28/2013
113 How can basketball players lower their risk of injuries? 10/21/2013
112 Can genetics influence athletic performance? 10/14/2013
111 Can athletes demand to play against medical advice? 10/07/2013
110 Can core stability training decrease injuries in sports and exercise? 9/30/2013
109 Is cheerleading becoming safer for its athletes? 9/23/2013
108 Can the Long-Term Athletic Development model create healthy elite youth athletes? 9/16/2013
107 Is Tommy John surgery inevitable for pitchers? 9/9/2013
106 Are critics of football and its injury risks overreacting? 9/2/2013
105 Do psychological factors affect return from ACL surgery? 8/26/2013
104 Is creatine safe and effective for athletes? 8/19/2013
103 Is there a link between anabolic steroids and mental health issues? 8/12/2013
102 Does age affect the types of injuries that young athletes suffer? 8/5/2013
101 Are elite sports ruining our kids? 7/29/2013
100 Why do doctors seem reluctant to join social media? 7/22/2013
99 Why are Achilles tendon ruptures such devastating injuries for athletes? 7/15/2013
98 Do pro athletes trust their team doctors? 7/8/2013
97 Is functional fitness training better than traditional weight training? 7/1/2013
96 Who is most likely to suffer injuries when starting a running program? 6/24/2013
95 What legal issues should doctors consider when covering sporting events? 6/17/2013
94 Should Major League Baseball eliminate home plate collisions? 6/10/2013
93 Can new football helmet designs decrease the risk of concussions? 6/3/2013
92 How can we get more adults to exercise? 5/27/2013
91 How can we decrease fatalities in high school and college football? 5/20/2013
90 Will young athletes deny concussions symptoms in order to play sports? 5/13/2013
89 How much do meniscal tears affect sports performance? 5/6/2013
88 Are injuries common in youth and high school soccer? 4/29/2013
87 Why are energy drinks potentially dangerous for young athletes? 4/22/2013
86 How common are depression and suicides among athletes? 4/15/2013
85 How can we prevent youth pitching injuries? 4/8/2013
84 What are the potential risks of early single-sport specialization for young athletes? 4/1/2013
83 What medical supplies should be available to athletic trainers at sporting events? 3/25/2013
82 Should football players be allowed to play in more than one game per week? 3/18/2013
81 Are herbal and other dietary supplements safe and effective for athletes? 3/11/2013
80 Should athletes take vitamin and mineral supplements? 3/4/2013
79 What changes could make football a safer sport? 2/25/2013
78 Can a gluten-free diet improve sports performance? 2/18/2013
77 How can you safely exercise and play sports in cold weather? 2/11/2013
76 How can athletic trainers work with coaches to best serve the athletes? 2/4/2013
75 Is exercise safe and beneficial during pregnancy? 1/28/2013
74 Is artificial turf safer for football players than natural grass? 1/21/2013
73 Is it unethical for doctors to talk about injuries of famous athletes? 1/14/2013
72 Do Olympic athletes live longer than the rest of us? 1/7/2013
71 Can exercise be detrimental to weight loss? 12/31/2012
70 Are you at risk for a stress fracture? 12/24/2012
69 Should you exercise when you are sick? 12/17/2012
68 Is the use of Toradol in professional sports dangerous? 12/10/2012
67 Can ethical issues arise between players, teams, and healthcare providers? 12/3/2012
66 Is high intensity training as effective as traditional exercise? 11/26/2012
65 Is return to sports after ACL surgery likely? 11/19/2012
64 Is cheerleading more dangerous than other sports? 11/12/2012
63 Why are knee dislocations such devastating injuries? 11/5/2012
62 Why should everyone lift weights? 10/29/2012
61 Why are youth sports injuries increasing? 10/22/2012
60 Does age necessarily hamper sports performance? 10/15/2012
59 Should schools eliminate football? 10/8/2012
58 Do ACL injury prevention programs work? 10/1/2012
57 What risk factors increase your chances of suffering an ACL injury? 9/24/2012
56 Why would coaches ban the media from reporting injuries? 9/17/2012
55 Are the best young athletes most likely to get hurt? 9/10/2012
54 What can parents do to prevent obesity among their children? 9/3/2012
53 Does using ice for a sports injury actually help? 8/27/2012
52 Should healthcare providers join the social media conversation? 8/20/2012
51 How can you safely exercise or play sports in the heat? 8/13/2012
50 Can you prevent the effects of jet lag on sports performance? 8/6/2012
49 Do elite athletes heal faster than everyone else? 7/30/2012
48 Why are ACL injuries increasing among kids? 7/23/2012
47 How can you find time to exercise? 7/16/2012
46 How can we prevent youth sports burnout? 7/9/2012
45 What is the best way to stay hydrated? 7/2/2012
44 Can too much exercise kill you? 6/25/2012
43 Should young kids lift weights? 6/18/2012
42 Would you let your son play football? 6/11/2012
41 Are injuries more likely on teams that play multiple games per week? 6/4/2012
40 Why do some athletes never return to sports after injuries? 5/28/2012
39 What are the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of sports? 5/21/2012
38 Is it safe to exercise with hip and knee arthritis? 5/14/2012
37 Can concussions cause personality changes? 5/7/2012
36 How can parents and coaches prevent youth pitching injuries? 4/30/2012
35 What can busy professionals do to get exercise while they work? 4/23/2012
34 Why are Tommy John surgeries so common in baseball pitchers? 4/16/2012
33 Why are meniscus tears so common in athletes and the entire population? 4/9/2012
32 How have power, speed, and athleticism affected women’s tennis? 4/2/2012
31 Why are hospitals creating and marketing sports medicine programs? 3/26/2012
30 When does overtraining become dangerous to your performance and health? 3/19/2012
29 What can parents and healthcare providers do to make kids more active? 3/12/2012
28 Why are sports so beneficial for female athletes? 3/5/2012
27 Are concussions prevalent among young athletes? 2/27/2012
26 Should surgeons operate on young athletes with shoulder dislocations? 2/20/2012
25 What role should anti-inflammatory medications play in sports and sports medicine? 2/13/2012
24 How much does sleep affect sports or exercise performance? 2/6/2012
23 Should an athlete try play through pain? 1/30/2012
22 What can we learn from the tragic deaths of athletes in sports? 1/23/2012
21 Is yoga dangerous or physically harmful? 1/16/2012
20 Why are ACL injuries more common in female athletes? 1/9/2012
19 How can you achieve your personal health resolutions for the year? 1/2/2012
18 Should emergency personnel be mandatory at all football games? 12/26/2011
17 Does the media fairly criticize the medical staffs of pro sports teams? 12/19/2011
16 When should you consider switching doctors? 12/12/2011
15 Can regular exercise help you sleep better? 12/5/2011
14 How can skiers and snowboarders better avoid injuries? 11/28/2011
13 What are the different career options in sports medicine? 11/21/2011
12 How can exercise improve your mental health? 11/14/2011
11 What are the risks and benefits to caffeine use in sports and exercise? 11/7/2011
10 What can swimmers do to stay in the pool and out of the training room? 10/31/2011
9 How important are athletic trainers for schools and sports teams? 10/24/2011
8 Is barefoot running better for your feet than running with shoes? 10/17/2011
7 How has sports medicine changed in the last 30 years? 10/10/2011
6 Why do some pro athletes undergo stem cell treatments? 10/3/2011
5 What can cheerleaders and coaches do to reduce the risk of serious injuries? 9/26/2011
4 Can you trust social media for medical advice? 9/19/2011
3 Should doctors promote treatments used with famous athletes? 9/12/2011
2 Can exercise add years to your life? 9/5/2011
1 How can we reduce injuries in youth sports? 8/29/2011