If a football player injures his hand, can he play in a cast? In this Ask Dr. Geier video, I answer that question for the mother of a football player with a broken bone in his hand.

Jenn asks:
I read that football typically can be played in a padded cast after surgery. What is the general recommendation for a non-surgical break and playing football? I’m praying it’s the same – a cast and allowed to play!
Thanks. Grid-iron mom

Many fractures of the bones in the hand can be treated without surgery. Often a splint or case can help the bone heal.

Could an athlete with a broken bone in his hand play in his cast if it was padded enough to prevent him from hurting other players? In this video, I
explain the thought process behind allowing the athlete to play and when it might be possible.

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Could a football player play in a cast?

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