Many people are anxious to return to sports or exercise quickly after an injury. It makes sense. It’s what we love to do. How can you speed this healing process up? And how can you know when you are ready to play or exercise again? In this Ask Dr. Geier video, I explain the healing and recovery process for an MCL injury of the knee.

Pro Hao asks:
I have a grade 2 MCL injury of my left knee suffered playing basketball. This is the second week after my treatment, and I was doing rehab everyday, trying to get my knee back in the game. How do I know if my knee has fully recovered, and what should I do to fully recover from the injury?

The MCL is a thick ligament on the inside of the knee that stabilizes the knee to side-to-side stress. You rarely need surgery if you sprain or tear the MCL. A doctor would put you in a hinged knee brace to protect the knee while the ligament heals.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to speed your biology, although I mention one way we are trying to speed up the healing process. I also discuss how you can avoid setting your recovery back, how you can strengthen your knee to be better ready for activity when the ligament has healed and much more.

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