This will be just a short update. I have been out of the office and operating room this week, traveling to San Diego for the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine. Yesterday I started a three-year term as Chairman of the Public Relation Committee for AOSSM. In that role, I also join the steering committee for the STOP Sports Injuries national campaign. I am very excited about the opportunity to work with AOSSM to promote the latest advances in sports medicine, injury treatments, and efforts to prevent sports injuries. As you can see from the posts the last few days, I will try to share some newsworthy stories from the society, but I will try not to overwhelm you either. Please follow AOSSM and me on Twitter for much more sports medicine information. Check out the press release about the Chairman’s position. And thank you to everyone who has sent me congratulatory messages. It is because of your support that I keep blogging and sharing my passion for sports medicine!