Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States at both the youth and high school levels. Plus, many adults play basketball recreationally. Unfortunately, injuries are common in basketball. In this video, I discuss some of the more common basketball injuries.

Ankle sprains

Ankle sprains are the most common basketball injury. You can easily land on the foot of another player, causing your foot and ankle to roll. Many experts debate the merits of basketball players taping their ankle or wearing high-top shoes to try to prevent an ankle sprain.

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Knee injuries

Knee injuries like an MCL tear, meniscus tear, and an ACL tear are common basketball injuries. Often you land badly from a jump or notice sharp pain when you change directions. While an MCL injury can heal without surgery, meniscus tears and ACL injuries often need surgery and months away from the sport.

Finger injuries

Finger injuries, such as PIP and DIP dislocations, UCL injury of the thumb and mallet finger injuries are common. Often you get your hand caught in an opponent’s jersey, or the ball hits you awkwardly on the tip of your finger. Some of these finger and thumb injuries need surgery, so see a sports medicine physician or orthopedic surgeon soon after the injury occurs.

Knee injuries are common basketball injuries

Eye injuries

Eye injuries often occur in basketball from getting poked in the eye while in the lane taking a shot or getting a rebound. Athletes might consider wearing protective eyewear to decrease the risk of eye injuries.

If you play basketball, watch the video to learn more about these common basketball injuries, how they are treated, and how you might prevent them.