In this video, I share my story of a very difficult medical issue I faced while in college that motivated me to become a physician and help athletes and active people. It will give you an idea of how I use stories in my speaking.

You might not have considered hiring an orthopedic surgeon to deliver a keynote speech to your audience. I assure you that I can inspire and educate them on leadership, excellence,  teamwork, and much more. My sports injury platform online and in social media is the largest of any orthopedic surgeon in the world, so I know I can communicate effectively.

Plus, I use stories of elite athletes overcoming devastating injuries to teach professionals in both business and healthcare. I have found that people love these stories of athletes they have followed on television because they can relate to the struggles I describe. There is no speaker today sharing stories and messages like these. I promise your audience will thank you for bringing me to inspire them.

Please go to my Speaking page for more information on my talks, how I can help you and your audience, and how to contact me and my team. Thank you!