If you injure your shoulder, and possibly need surgery, you will immediately wonder what you will do to get the pain better. Questions like returning to work or school and finding a way to sleep comfortably will arise. But it’s important to ask your doctor about driving. When is driving after a shoulder injury or shoulder surgery safe, and when can it be dangerous?

One of the biggest considerations regarding driving and whether it’s safe after an injury or surgery of the shoulder centers around whether you must wear a sling at all times. If so, you are essentially limited to only using the non-injured arm. If you are allowed to remove it, there are chances you can drive. Other considerations include your strength and range of motion in the shoulder.

In this video, I discuss some ideas to consider to decide whether driving might be safe and acceptable for you.

When is it safe to drive after a shoulder injury?

Remember, always talk to your doctor for specific questions about recovering from your particular injury.

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