Most of us would agree that having EMS at sports, like an ambulance and paramedics, is vitally important. However, it can be difficult to guarantee that an ambulance and its crew can be available. Many towns lack sufficient vehicles and medical personnel to cover every school. Also they often have to leave to respond to other emergencies nearby.

To better understand this issue, I reached out to my friend Mike Hopper, MS, ATC. Mike is an athletic trainer at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas, Texas. He and I discussed how Mike worked out a contract with local ambulance crews in his area to guarantee coverage for all football games at his school.

How can you ensure EMS at sports events?

Among the topics we cover in this interview:

• Why do schools often lack EMS at football games?
• What challenges do EMS services face in providing ambulances and paramedics to high school sporting events?
• How can schools and their medical staffs arrange for an ambulance and paramedics to be present at games?
• What could concerned parents do to help their children’s schools and teams arrange coverage?

Find out more about Mike Hopper on his website and follow him on Twitter.

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