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In the Zone
Why do some athletes never return to sports after injuries in sports? Which injuries can cause athletes to struggle to return to their sport?

That’s Gotta Hurt
Andrew Bynum – Los Angeles Lakers center
Avery Bradley – Boston Celtics shooting guard
Cody Ross – Boston Red Sox outfielder
Mark Ellis – Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman
David Villa – FC Barcelona and Spanish national team striker
Lance Berkman – St. Louis Cardinals first baseman
Dwyane Wade – Miami Heat guard

Ask Dr. Geier
Does a pectoral injury in the muscle belly require surgery?
Why is my knee so stiff after surgery to remove a plica?
Should I have surgery for plica in my knee?
Can I bend my knee right after a patella dislocation?

Fan Favorites and Trash Talkers
Comments from listeners on the show and our previous discussions

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