Many of the surgeries we do as orthopedic surgeons require that the patient keeps weight off the leg until the surgery heals. In this Ask Dr. Geier video, I discuss ways you can still get exercise when you have to keep weight off your leg.

Heather asks:
I got a tibial plateau fracture while biking with my son. I finally had surgery, and I’ve been wearing a brace while waiting for staples to be removed and a permanent cast put on. I’ve been told I won’t be weight bearing for 8 weeks and hopefully walking normally in 6 months. I am a very active 45-year-old woman that cycles, runs, workout and ski. This sitting still is killing me. Any suggestions on staying fit and sane with this injury?

A tibial plateau fracture involves the top of the shin bone just below your knee. Like many broken bones in the leg and foot, you often have to keep weight off your leg while the fracture heals. If you like to run or do other forms of exercise, how can you stay active while you recover?

A stationary bike is one way to exercise if you have to keep weight off your leg

As I discuss in this video, there are ways to at least get some exercise, even when you must use crutches to walk around. If you suffer a broken bone in your foot, ankle, leg or thigh, learn some ways to get some exercise even if you have to keep weight off your leg.

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