If you tear your ACL and decide to undergo ACL surgery, the orthopedic surgeon can’t simply sew the torn ligament back together. It doesn’t work. He or she must make a new ligament for you. That procedure is an ACL reconstruction. How does the surgeon make a new ligament to replace an ACL injury?

In this video, I explain how the surgeon takes tissue from your knee (autograft) or from a donor or cadaver (allograft) and puts it into your knee to create the new ACL.

What are the best options for that graft? What are the pros and cons of using tissue from your knee as opposed to a donor graft? What are the best options among tissue from your knee? Patellar tendon? Hamstrings? And does your age or the sport you play have any role in the decision?

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Patellar tendon graft for an ACL injury
The patellar tendon autograft (orange arrow) serves as the new ACL in this ACL reconstruction.

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