A distal biceps tendon rupture is a painful injury of the elbow. In this video, I discuss the common mechanism of injury, which patients could need surgery and the long-term effects of the treatment of a biceps tendon rupture of the elbow.

Mechanism of injury

You typically injure the biceps tendon through a rapid force on the tendon as it is contracting. You might carry a heavy piece of furniture and it slips. Or you try to grab something heavy as it falls. The sudden extension of your elbow can rupture the tendon.

You can also suffer this injury lifting weights. An athlete performing a biceps curl exercise can rupture the tendon in this manner.

Treatment of a biceps tendon rupture

Some patients should undergo surgery for this injury. If you are active, surgery to reattach the tendon can be very helpful to restore strength and function. If you are less active, you might do well without surgery.

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Treatment of a biceps tendon rupture often involves surgery to reattach the torn biceps tendon.

Long-term effects of the injury and treatment

If you decide not to have surgery, you will notice weakness with functions that the biceps muscle normally provides. You might have weakness with supination, such as turning a doorknob or a screwdriver. You might also have a bulge in your upper arm, often called a Popeye deformity.

If you have suffered this elbow injury, watch the video to learn more about the treatment of a biceps tendon rupture, surgery and the long-term effects.

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