Knee arthritis, or specifically osteoarthritis, is a joint condition in which gradual deterioration of the joint occurs as the result of accumulated wear over time, a traumatic event, the normal consequence of aging, or another cause.

Signs, symptoms and x-ray findings of knee arthritis

Symptoms usually include pain and stiffness of the joint. The pain usually is not located in one specific part of the knee but instead throughout the knee. You might have difficulty walking, climbing the stairs, squatting or doing your desired sports or exercise.

X-ray findings include generalized articular cartilage damage or breakdown, bone spurs, and joint space narrowing. While an MRI can show damage to the articular cartilage, x-rays are often more helpful for determining the extent of a patient’s arthritis and often make MRI unnecessary.

Man with pain from knee arthritis

Treatments for knee arthritis

Treatments aim to relieve your symptoms, as there is no easy or reliable way to restore normal articular cartilage and reverse the effects of the joint deterioration. Activity modification, anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroid injections, viscosupplementation (hyaluronic acid injections), PRP, weight loss, braces, and walking with assistive devices are all possible treatments. Partial or total joint replacement surgery can be performed when osteoarthritis is severe and the patient cannot perform activities of daily living without pain.

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