Injuries and surgeries are rarely convenient. Patients often want surgery right away because they can’t do what they want to do because of the pain. They also don’t want to miss much time from work or school. In this Ask Dr. Geier video, I discuss return to work after meniscus surgery, especially one of the most common operations in all of orthopedic surgery – partial meniscectomy for a meniscus tear.

Jilin asks:
I am 24 years old. On October 1, I had a menisectomy surgery. I had a partial tear in lateral meniscus. After surgery, I can walk without any problem. How much time will it take me to recover fully and get back to work? I am working as a chef.

The meniscus is the shock-absorbing piece of cartilage between the femur and tibia. Often the patient with a meniscus tear complains of pain on either the medial (side closest to the midline of the body) or lateral (side away from the midline) side of the knee. He might notice locking or catching of the knee as well.

Surgery to trim out the torn portion of meniscus – partial meniscectomy – is the treatment for the majority of meniscus tears. Removing the torn portion helps to eliminate pain and allow return to full function. Many surgeons allow full weight-bearing, or at least weight-bearing as tolerated, right after surgery. Then the patient works to increase range of motion and strength over the next few weeks. Complete recovery, to the point where he is at maximum medical improvement, can take several months.

Return to school, exercise and work after meniscus surgery

In this video, I discuss the recovery process after partial meniscectomy surgery, including return to work, school, jogging and more.

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