You might think that a sport which features punches, kicks and takedowns of opponents would have a lot of injuries. How common are injuries in mixed martial arts (MMA)? What are the most common injuries these athletes suffer?Injuries in MMA - How can we prevent them?

In addition to bone and joint injuries, there is a risk of concussions and other head injuries in the sport. It is believed that about 20% of professional boxers will develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Does that long-term risk exist in MMA?

And what kind of medical coverage exists at MMA events in case the competitors do suffer injuries?

To learn more about mixed martial arts and possible injuries in the sport, I reached out to Dr. Steve Mora, an orthopedic surgeon in Orange County, California. He has worked with a number of MMA fighters in his practice. He writes about MMA injuries and other sports injuries on his website.

This is an excerpt of an injury I did with him for Sports Medicine University about MMA injuries. Click the link below to listen. To learn more about Dr. Mora, follow him on Twitter and check out his website!