Right now, I am sitting on the deck of a beach house as I write this post. This image is my view on a beautiful Saturday morning. I came out here to write 6 to 10 posts and listen to music. I have an entire Saturday morning free before I head back to do an interview for Men’s Health, lift weights, and meet up with some friends. So I have my sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, phone (to listen to music only), a Moleskine notebook and pen.

Beach house to get away and create content
I share this glimpse into my Saturday morning not to discuss batching your content creation (although it can be very important). I don’t discuss it to show how I often write when most people are taking the day off. I share it to show you the value of finding a place where you can be creative.

The limits of your work environment

If you are at all like me, trying to write or create videos at work is challenging. (Actually, I don’t write or work on social media at work for a completely different reason, but that’s the subject for another post.) You have other responsibilities and tasks at the office. Plus people might continually interrupt you to ask questions.

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Writing posts, planning podcast discussions and creating videos are creative, right-brain activities.You might be so accustomed to your usual left-brain projects in your office that it prevents you from expressing yourself well.

Finding your place to be creative

Instead, find somewhere out of your normal environment to be creative. Maybe it’s a local coffee shop. Or a beautiful park. I know people who rent office space to do this kind of work – separate from their normal work office. It might even be a quiet room in your home.

You might have to try several places until you find somewhere that works best for you. You might even have to change places from time to time (I do this frequently). Just find your place to be creative and get started.

Finding ways to use short periods of time

Now I must mention that with our busy schedules as healthcare providers, it can be challenging to find three- or four-hour blocks of time to write. If you wait for the blocks of time to magically appear and don’t make an effort to create time, then you could go weeks between posts. Also you need to develop the ability to create anywhere, any time. Even if it’s just jotting down key talking points on a note pad in a 15-minute break while waiting to pick up your kids at soccer, you have to find time to create content.

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Try to find a place where you can be creative. Then see if you can develop passionate, informative healthcare social media content.
Healthcare professional writing in notebook