Ankle Sprain - Recovery Tips

One of the most common injures in sports, an athlete tears one or more of the ligaments around the ankle by landing awkwardly and rolling or twisting the ankle in certain directions.

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Mechanism of injury, diagnosis and initial treatment

In many sports, studies show that ankle sprains are the most common injury that players suffer. This is your resource for ankle sprains.

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Lace-up braces might prevent ankle injuries

Lace-up ankle braces, which have typically been used by athletes after an ankle sprain to help return to sports, might have a role in injury prevention.

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Perform an exercise program to prevent ankle sprains

One of the most common injuries in just about every contact and collision sport is an ankle sprain. The athlete usually doesn’t need surgery, but he or she often misses weeks of playing.

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The Injuries That Changed Sports Forever

Through the stories of a dozen athletes whose injuries and recovery advanced the field (including Joan Benoit, Michael Jordan, Brandi Chastain, and Tommy John), Dr. Geier explains how sports medicine makes sports safer for the pros, amateurs, student-athletes, and weekend warriors alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Ankle Sprain Injuries

+What is this injury?

-What is this injury?

An ankle sprain is a traumatic injury to one or more of the ligaments that stabilizes the ankle joint. Ankle sprains most frequently involve the ligaments on the lateral side of the ankle, but they can involve the medial ankle ligaments or the syndesmosis of the ankle. They can vary in severity, from stretching one or more of the ligaments, to partial or complete tears.
+What are the common treatments?

-What are the common treatments?

Rest from the offending sport or exercise, compression of the ankle, and ice can help decrease pain and swelling from an ankle sprain. Often an ankle brace can allow weightbearing after the injury. Physical therapy can help to restore motion, strength, balance and control of the ankle and lower extremity.
+How long could it take to recover?

-How long could it take to recover?

The length of time for recovery and return to sports depends on the severity and location of the injury. Generally patients can return to sports and exercise anywhere from a few days after the injury to six weeks or more.
+What should I ask my doctor?

-What should I ask my doctor?

It is always a good idea to ask if surgery is necessary and if there are nonsurgical treatment options that can be tried first. Ask what options can help you regain motion and strength and decrease swelling quickly, such as braces and physical therapy. Also ask when you could expect to safely return to your sport or exercise.