While an ACL surgery is a short procedure performed in an outpatient setting, it requires a long recovery. In this Ask Dr. Geier video, I explain the rehab process and when you can walk and run after ACL surgery.

Jodi asks:

ACL repair and sutures in meniscus means no walking for me for 4-6 weeks. Ugh! I can’t imagine teaching on crutches and am worried about more swelling when I return. Thanks to Christmas break, I’ll be home 3 weeks total. With all the appointments, I feel like I need longer. The first week was all sleeping. Am I looking at a full year before I can run, jump, and play again?

In an ACL reconstruction surgery, orthopedic surgeons make a new ligament, basically replacing a torn ACL. Your body will turn that graft into a new ligament, but it takes months to get as strong as your original ACL.

When can you run after ACL surgery and recovery?

The first part of your rehab involves regaining full knee range of motion and strength. As you progress, a physical therapist will guide you through returning to jog, regaining the ability to jump and land from jumps and more before starting sport-specific training.

In this video, I explain the rehab process and discuss why working with a physical therapist is so important. You will better understand when you can play sports and run after ACL surgery.

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