Feedly is a tremendous tool that can help you save time with your social media content strategy. Best of all, it’s free.

Feedly is an RSS reader that allows you to subscribe to the feeds of websites and blogs you like to read. Instead of entering the URLs of each of the different sites you read or searching for articles that appeal to you, Feedly delivers what you want straight to you. Feedly delivers the latest articles posted on those sites to your account constantly. Whenever you have time, you can quickly scan your Feedly account for those articles and read the interesting ones right there or save them to read later. It saves a huge amount of time.

I have Feedly send me posts from websites which publish articles that either might interest me personally or that might interest my readers. I have them grouped by categories – health, medicine, fitness, productivity, self improvement, technology, media and writing, and social media. For the health category, I subscribe to CNN Health, The New York Times Well, WebMD and others. I quickly scan my Feedly account every day or two – usually while standing in line or waiting for an appointment.

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I then use these articles for two purposes. I will save some to use as ideas for blog posts or podcast discussions. Or I will share a link to them with my Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

Feedly makes content creation and content curation easier and quicker. You can quickly scan your feeds and save interesting articles to use later. For busy healthcare professionals trying to find time to be active in social media, Feedly can be a valuable resource.
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