It would be easy to get caught up in the enormity of social media use. Marketing “experts” often promote statistics showing just how important social media has become.

• 1.3 billion people use Facebook on a monthly basis.
• 9100 tweets are sent every second.
• 6 billion hours of video are viewed every month on YouTube.

While these statistics are impressive, they do little to demonstrate why healthcare providers need to be active on social media. Instead, two statistics might be more relevant.

• 59% of Americans have looked online for health information in the last year.
• 35% of American adults have looked online specifically to try to diagnose themselves or someone close to them.

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That means that one in every three Americans searches online for health information about injuries, illnesses and treatments they might have and need. That is one in three adults in your area, looking for information that you can provide.

Instead of hoping people will find you and your practice’s website and then possibly seeing you as a patient, create content for those people looking for health information. Write posts about graft options for ACL surgery or return to sports after ACL reconstruction. Create videos about the benefits of sunscreen for preventing skin cancer. Start a podcast to discuss depression. Then many of those people all over the country – and in your town – who are looking for information on ACL surgery, skin cancer, depression or a topic about which you are passionate can find you and interact with you.

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