WozniackiThe Daily Slice

The Daily Slice is the daily program for the Family Circle Cup, a professional women’s tennis tournament held in Charleston each spring. I have served as the Chief Tournament Physician for the tournament for the last seven years. Between breaks treating injuries among the players, I wrote articles about various topics useful for tennis players of all skill levels.

  • Get into tennis shape 
  • Can a gluten-free diet improve performance on the court?
  • Recovery critical in tennis today
  • Players need different shoes for different courts
  • Conditioning critical for success
  • Hydration key in Charleston heat
  • Nutrition for tennis stars
  • Physios critical to care of players
  • Sun exposure a challenge for players too
  • Tour’s travel schedule can take its toll
  • Withdrawals and retirements
  • Tennis players among world’s elite athletes
  • Do our clay courts decrease injuries?
  • What’s on the menu for pro tennis players?
  • Best Tennis Town in America
  • Wind hurts more than players’ games
  • Is kinesio taping hype or helpful?
  • The sun can be dangerous for tennis players
  • Athletes must take meds, supplements with caution 
  • Medical aspects of professional tennis


Charleston Battery

batteryI served as the head team physician for the Charleston Battery professional soccer team for six seasons. For the last two seasons, I wrote articles about soccer injuries and injury prevention for the team’s website and email newsletter. These articles addressed topics about soccer for athletes from the professional level to the recreational and youth players.