A recent multicenter study looked at complications after arthroscopic hip surgeries. Arthroscopic femoroacetabular impingement correction wasHip anatomy illustration performed in 1505 hips (93.2%), and 1273 hips (78.8%) underwent a labral repair procedure. Here are some of their findings.

The overall complication rate after hip arthroscopic surgery at tertiary hip centers was 8.3%, with higher rates reported for longer traction times (>60 minutes) and for female patients. The most common event was postoperative lateral femoral cutaneous (LFC) nerve disturbance (16.5%), which persisted beyond 6 months in only 1.6%.

Other complications found included iatrogenic chondral injuries in 1.2% of patients. Additionally, iatrogenic labral punctures occurred in 0.9%, superficial portal infections in 1.1%, sensory deficits about the foot in 0.8%, deep venous thrombosis (blood clots) in 0.1%, pulmonary embolism in 0.1%, perineal numbness in 1.4%, heterotopic ossification in 0.8%, and femoral neck stress fractures in 0.1% of patients.

Source: American Journal of Sports Medicine, published online June 16, 2016