A recent study aimed to analyze the incidence and characteristics of soccer injuries in children aged 7 to 12 years. 6038 player-seasons with Youth soccer player about to kick ball395,295 hours of soccer exposure were recorded. A total of 417 injuries were reported. Most (76.3%) injuries were located in the lower limbs, with 15.6% located in the upper limbs. Joint and ligament injuries comprised 30.5%, contusions 22.5%, muscle and tendon injuries 18.5%, and fractures and bone injuries 15.4% of all injuries; 23.7% of injuries led to more than 28 days of absence from sport participation. Injury incidence rates increased with increasing age. The proportions of fractures and bone stress (15.3%) and injuries to the upper limbs (15.6%) were higher compared with players older than 13 years.

Source: American Journal of Sports Medicine, published online December 8, 2015