A recent study looked at overuse injuries in collegiate and high school sports. These injuries were primarily reported in noncontact running Female ankle pain on tracksports, with the highest rates of overuse injury occurring in the following sports: women’s/girls’ cross country, men’s/boys’ cross country, women’s/girls’ outdoor track and field, and men’s/boys’ outdoor track and field. The sports with the lowest rates of overuse injury were male sports: football, basketball, and swimming and diving.

In each population, the rate of overuse injury was higher among females compared with male athletes in sex-comparable sports.

Approximately 70% of overuse injuries were reported to the lower extremity in both college and HS athletes. Specifically, 20.0% of college and 16.0% of HS overuse injuries reported were to the knee, and 18.6% of college and 22.5% of HS overuse injuries were to the lower leg. Other commonly injured body sites were the shoulder and lower back.

Source: American Journal of Sports Medicine, published online April 30, 2015