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Sports Medicine University

Sports Medicine UniversitySports Medicine University is an online education and networking site for sports medicine professionals and students, people who aspire to work in sports medicine and people who work with athletes and active individuals.
Whether you are an athletic trainer, physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon, primary care sports medicine physician, personal trainer, massage therapist, chiropractor or you work with athletes and active individuals in another capacity, Sports Medicine University is designed to help you!
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Sports Medicine Simplified

SMS iPad imageThe Sports Medicine Simplified courses offers information on sports and exercise injuries for athletes and active people. I discuss common bone and joint injuries in easy-to-understand language to help guide people through their injuries, choosing a doctor or healthcare provider, seeing a doctor and preparing for and recovering from surgery.
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Sports Medicine Simplified: A Glossary of Sports Injuries, Treatments, Prevention, and Much More (eBook)



If you’re an athlete, a parent or coach of an athlete, or a healthcare professional treating athletes and active people, Sports Medicine Simplified can help you understand even the most complex sports and exercise injuries.
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