Yes, that’s right. This is my 1000th post. I had no idea when I started in August 2010 that I would create 1000 articles and podcasts. I am so GEN The 10 - Tablet hand tappinggrateful that you read and listen to my ideas and give me feedback. I truly hope that I have helped you in some way over the last few years! I hope you stick with me for the next 1000!

Now to some great articles this week!


Sports Medicine
We keep hearing people ask if parents should let their kids play football. Few are asking when fans should stop watching. Why I’m Quitting Football by Stephen Gomez in Thought Catalog

They are important, but can the glutes affect knee pain? (Thanks to Lisa Grant for sharing!) Should We Stop Blaming the Glutes for Everything? by John Snyder in mikereinold.com

Do you replace your pillow this often? This Is How Often You Should Replace Your Pillow by Jeff Cattel in greatist.com

Should we be eating more fiber in our diets? Eating More Fiber May Help You Lose Weight by Dennis Thompson in WebMD

Youth Sports
Terrific piece about the role of coaches in the development of young athletes: Coaching Youth Sports: Getting To The Heart Of The Matter by Hal Tearse in momsteam.com

Inspirational story about the importance of athletic trainers and how they can save the lives of athletes: (heard through Michelle McLeod) What’s A Life Worth To You? The Absolute Importance Of Athletic Trainers In High School Sports by Kevin Saum in theknockoutproject.org

Social Media and Communication
Great data for multiple social media platforms: Infographic: How Often Should You Post on Social Media? See the Most Popular Research and Interview of manTips by Kevan Lee in Bufferapp.com

Another great tip on crafting an elevator speech, which can be critical during radio and television interviews. The Proper Elevator Speech Formula: Why + What by Brad Phillips in mrmediatraining.com

Productivity and Self Improvement
Use your adversities to produce great work: The Secret Source Code of Achievement by Darren Hardy in Success.com

I agree with all of these traits, but I especially like numbers 1, 5 and 9: 9 Things Incredibly Successful People Do by Kevin Daum in Inc.com