I am flying back from Dallas, Texas this morning after I attended an amazing conference there Friday. I also got to spend time with my friends Mike Hopper and Kristi Messina. They are two athletic trainers in the Dallas area. I lean on them frequently for advice about topics and other FB The 10 Woman using computer (1)ideas that might appeal to athletic trainers. But you should check them out if you don’t already. They host a tweetchat called #ATtalk in which they talk about injuries and injury management in sports that gets a TON of interaction. They do a great job, so make sure to look for them online.

Pour a big cup of coffee, get out your laptop or tablet, and read some of the articles I enjoyed this week!


Sports Medicine
Girls’ cross country, girls’ gymnastics, and boys’ cross country have the highest rates of stress fractures: Epidemiology of Stress Fracture Injuries Among US High School Athletes, 2005-2006 Through 2012-2013 by Bradley G. Changstrom, MD, Lina Brou, MPH, Morteza Khodaee, MD, MPH, Cortney Braund, MD and R. Dawn Comstock, PhD in The American Journal of Sports Medicine

This study finds that female athletes often have longer recoveries from concussions and require more treatments and academic accommodations: Protracted Recovery From a Concussion A Focus on Gender and Treatment Interventions in an Adolescent Population by Regina O. Kostyun, MSEd, ATC in Sports Health A Multidisciplinary Approach

Exercise and Fitness
Great overview on the health benefits of yoga and discussion of the different types and philosophies of yoga: What is yoga? What are the health benefits of yoga? by Hannah Nichols in Medical News Today

How does exercise affect the genes that control our energy metabolism and muscle strength? How Exercise Changes Our DNA by Gretchen Reynolds in The New York Times

Youth Sports
Sleep is crucial for kids, and smartphones might be getting in the way. Sleeping With A Smartphone by Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE in seattlechildrens.org

Study claims strict rest is not needed after concussion, but critics say the data is flawed. New Study Claims Strict Rest After Concussion May Not Speed Recovery by Lindsey Barton Straus, JD in momsteam.comBoys soccer heading

Social Media and Communication
I am considering removing the ability to leave comments from my website as well for similar reasons. Read his thoughts and share yours with me! I’ve Pulled Comments from My Blog—Here’s Why by Michael Hyatt in michaelhyatt.com

Great advice to anyone just starting to write blog posts and creating content – Don’t worry about how good it is. You will improve! What Nobody Tells Beginners: Advice on Creativity From Ira Glass by Jami Oetting in HubSpot

A valuable lesson Marcus Mariota can teach all of us: 1 surprising lesson about dream chasing from a Heisman Trophy winner. by Jon Acuff in acuff.me

I love Hacks #3 and #4 in this article! Next Time You Don’t Want To Go To A Meeting, Do This by Greg McKeown in gregmckeown.com