In sports where athletes are in close contact, like football and wrestling, skin infections are common. They can occur in any sport, however, where teammates share locker rooms or athletes use the training rooms. Even traveling on buses can facilitate the spread of skin infection.

Keep the courts and playing surfaces clean.

It is crucial to keep all athletic facilities clean to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Team personnel and athletic trainers should regularly clean and disinfect all playing surfaces, like the mats in wrestling.

Keep the locker rooms and training rooms clean.

Athletic trainers and team staff must all clean and disinfect tables, whirlpools and floors in the training rooms. They should disinfect all surfaces in the locker rooms, including the benches, showers and floors.

Athletes should not share equipment and personal hygiene instruments.

Athletes should not share athletic equipment with teammates. Likewise, you should avoid sharing towels, razors and hair trimmers.

Shower and wash your hands faithfully.

Athletes should shower after practices and games, using an antibacterial soap. They should wash their hands with soap. Additionally, they should wash all of their clothing each day.

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Get any skin infection checked.

Finally, it is very important for athletes to show any cuts, blisters or other skin lesions to the athletic trainers or team doctors. Get it checked to make sure it isn’t serious. Ensure that even minor skin lesions are treated and covered. If there is a question of an infection, seek medical attention for it prior to returning to play.