With spring break coming, more Americans will travel within the country and to other countries. And with the COVID-19 vaccine available to more and more people, it’s fair to ask whether vaccine passports will become normal. Many countries, especially in Europe, will require travelers to have a COVID-19 vaccination to enter. And New York now allows residents to pull up a code on their cell phone to show proof of vaccination to enter large venues like Madison Square Garden. The World Health Organization currently opposes these vaccine passports, largely over fairness issues and inequality of vaccine distribution. But it’s hard to believe we won’t see businesses, especially airlines, requiring proof of the COVID vaccine. Exactly how we show that proof is unknown. Some have proposed adding a symbol on our driver’s licenses, like we do for organ donors. It could be a mobile version of our licenses or a separate app that displays proof, like the digital passes we use for boarding airplanes. Whether Americans would accept having to show proof of vaccination to enter restaurants and sporting events remains to be seen.