Despite never training as a gymnast in her life, Valorie Kondos Field was appointed the head gymnastics coach of one of the best gymnastics programs in the country – UCLA. In fact, she had trained in ballet dancing prior to working with the Bruins. She had some rocky years early in her coaching career, but she has won seven national championships as head coach of UCLA gymnastics and made the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame.

A talk she has with her athletes at the beginning of every season, “Miss Val’s Circle of Life,” has an important message for all of us – students, parents, employees and leaders.

Valorie Kondos Field teaches the importance of making good choices to all her gymnasts

I won’t try to summarize her Circle of Life here. Watch the video above, and I explain what Miss Val teaches every UCLA gymnast. Basically, she shows how one simple decision can have a domino effect – good or bad – on your studies, your training, your grades and your performance in sports and life.

Valorie Kondos Field on choices

Miss Val’s Circle of Life has an important message for all of us

What’s important and what you should get out of “Miss Val’s Circle of Life” has little to do with gymnastics. As I discuss in the video, our choices play an important role in whether we succeed at work. One wrong choice could affect our grades in a class at school, or it could affect the outcome of a game with our team.

But just as one bad choice can lead to a cascade of bad outcomes, one good decision can set the path for all kinds of positive outcomes and long-term success. Watch the video with your children or your coworkers. Apply the lesson to your work and your life. Always think about the long-term consequences of your choices. Don’t assume that it’s just one small thing. If you make every decision with the bigger picture in mind, as Valorie Kondos Field suggests, you can become a Champion in Sports, Business and Life.

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