For weeks now, we’ve been hearing negative news regarding the COVID-19 vaccines – they might not work, you might still spread the virus even if you get the vaccine, and more. But I agree completely with a recent counterargument in The New York Times that we as health officials and experts are completely underselling this vaccine. For one thing, the 95 percent effectiveness findings for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines make these among the best vaccines ever created. And understand that the five percent who got COVID-19 despite the vaccine only got mild cases – essentially a cold. The vaccine basically eliminates the chance you get serious COVID and end up in the hospital or end up dead. And yes, we don’t have data yet on whether vaccinated people can spread the virus. But as Harvard infectious disease specialist Dr. Paul Sax wrote recently in The New England Journal of Medicine, if you receive both doses and wait a few weeks until they are fully effective, it appears extremely likely that you won’t transmit the virus to others.