I started writing articles on my blog in August 2010 as a hobby. I wanted to share sports medicine in easy-to-understand language for athletes, parents, coaches and other healthcare providers.

I never expected to discover a passion for communicating this information. Despite long hours in clinic and surgery, I came home excited to open my laptop and write. That passion has created opportunities I never expected. I now write a regular column for The Post and Courier newspaper in Charleston, produce a weekly sports medicine podcast and write for many publications and websites.

This page contains lists and links to the articles I have contributed. You will find that I write articles on a wide variety of topics depending on the publication or website. I would be honored for you to look through them and read ones that interest you. If you feel that I could contribute content that might appeal to your readers, please contact me!

The Post and Courier 

post and courier

Getting the opportunity to write a regular column in Charleston’s newspaper was arguably the biggest accomplishment of my writing career so far. One, it is a tremendous newspaper with many terrific and accomplished reporters and columnists. Two, many more people read it than I ever expected in this digital age. I don’t go a single day without someone here telling me they read my column.

As you will see, most of the sports medicine topics pertain to football and very famous athletes. I aim to write a syndicated sports medicine newspaper column or a column for a large publication. If and when that happens, I will broaden the scope of topics for a broader audience.

Click here for a list of my newspaper columns and links to them.


I was honored to be selected as the Category Expert Writer for Orthopedics by Answers.com. Like I try to do in my injury posts and my Sports Injury Locator, I wrote short explanations of a variety of orthopedic injuries and surgeries in easy-to-understand language for Answers.com. Many of these articles address musculoskeletal topics outside of sports medicine.

Bleacher Report

I served as a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report, one of the most read sports websites, with over 13 million monthly readers. I wrote articles about the injuries of professional and college athletes and sports medicine topics in professional and college sports.

Click here for a list of my Bleacher Report columns and links to them.

stop sports injuries

STOP Sports Injuries 

I am particular passionate about youth sports and the dramatic rise in injuries to young athletes in recent years. I have written many blog posts about injuries in various youth sports and contributed content for the Sports Injury Prevention Tip Sheets. I am also currently a member of the STOP Sports Injuries Outreach Committee.

Click here for a list of my STOP Sports Injuries articles and links to them.

Be Active Your Way 

Be Active Your Way is a platform created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to promote physical activity. A variety of health, fitness and sports organizations contribute articles to the Be Active Your Way blog. I have written many articles on youth sports, fitness and exercise topics for the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.

Click here for a list of my Be Active Your Way articles and links to them.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine

As a member of the editorial board for Outpatient Surgery Magazine, most of my contributions began as either giving my opinions on ideas for articles or offering quotes for articles. Over time, the editors have given me the opportunity to write featured articles on trends in sports medicine surgeries, new equipment, products and technology in sports medicine, and more.

Click here for a list of my articles for Outpatient Surgery Magazine and links to them.

Becker’s Orthopedic Review

I have helped with a tremendous number of articles for the various Becker’s publications by talking to their writers and sharing my thoughts and quotes. I was thrilled when the Editor-in-chief, Laura Miller, allowed me to write articles for them. For Becker’s Review, my articles focus on latest news and research in sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery.

Click here for a list of my articles for Becker’s Review and links to them.

Oblique Magazine

I have written for this popular health and fitness magazine here in Charleston. I’ll be writing articles on injuries and injury prevention in various forms of exercise, such as weightlifting, running, triathlons and more.

Click here for a list of articles for Oblique Magazine and links to them.

The Daily Slice


The Daily Slice is the daily program for the Family Circle Cup, a professional women’s tennis tournament held in Charleston each spring. I served as the Chief Tournament Physician for the tournament for seven years. Between breaks treating injuries among the players, I wrote articles about various topics useful for tennis players of all skill levels.

Click here for a list of my articles for The Daily Slice and links to them.


Charleston Battery

I served as the head team physician for the Charleston Battery professional soccer team for six seasons. For the last two seasons, I wrote articles about soccer injuries and injury prevention for the team’s website and email newsletter. These articles addressed topics about soccer for athletes from the professional level to the recreational and youth players.

Click here for a list of my articles for the Charleston Battery and links to them.


Occasionally I have been asked to write guest articles for publications and websites. I have cut back doing these articles mainly due to a lack of time, but I still consider all offers. As you will see, the topics have ranged from youth sports to truck drivers and boxing!

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Contact me to contribute to your publication

Again, I hope that some of these articles provide information useful to you in whatever sport you play or form of exercise you perform. If you are interested in having me contribute content for your publication or website, please contact me!