A new study shows that ultra-processed foods aren’t just bad for your physical health. They are bad for your brain’s health too. Processed foods are those full of flavorings, colorings or other additives and few whole food ingredients. Examples of ultra-processed foods include bread, chips, cookies, ice cream, candy, soft drinks, hot dogs, and frozen foods. The average American diet has 58 percent of its calories in the form of these unhealthy processed foods. In this study, presented last week at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, researchers examined the diets and cognitive function of 10,000 middle-aged and older adults. The researchers found that adults who got 20 percent of their calories from ultra-processed foods had a greater decline in cognitive function over the next 6 to 10 years. In fact, just 100 calories a day from processed foods – no more than two cookies – was enough to cause a deterioration in brain function over time.