In much of the country, temperatures are in the 90s (or higher). You might like to run or bike or hike, but exercising for an hour or more can be dangerous in this weather. In this video, I share 5 tips for adjusting your exercise or practice when you train in heat.

Train in the morning or at night.

If you love to run after work, it might still be extremely hot at 5 PM. Move your training sessions to early in the morning, before work before the sun comes up and the temperatures rise. Or shift your runs to the evening after the sun sets.

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Go inside.

Runners often claim to hate running on a treadmill, but for days when it’s hot and humid, getting a run in on a treadmill indoors is a viable option. For other forms of exercise, look for options to work out in a gym.

Try a different type of exercise when you train in heat.

Just for the summer months, consider switching up your routine. Maybe you add in swimming several days a week. Or start lifting weights two or three days a week.

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Get used to the heat and humidity slowly.

Increase your exposure to the hot and humid conditions slowly, and preferably earlier in the summer. Then as you get used to the conditions, gradually increase the duration, intensity and frequency of your workouts in the heat.

Work on your cardiovascular conditioning before you train in the heat.

If you are out of shape, training in the heat might not be the best idea. Work to increase your endurance and cardiovascular conditioning first, and then slowly add in the hot and humid conditions.

Sports and exercise are great ways to stay healthy. In the summer months, you must be careful to avoid the risks created by high temperatures and humid conditions when you train in heat.

Rest is important after you train in heat