In this article and video, we will talk about when is the right time to undergo a hip replacement.

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While joint replacements are usually associated with older patients, more or more younger patients are undergoing hip replacements these days. But age should not be the only factor determining whether you have this surgery.

The average age of patients who undergo hip replacement procedures is 67 years old, according to the American Joint Replacement Registry. However, it’s important to note that this number doesn’t tell the whole story.

As you can imagine, there are many factors that determine whether you’ll need surgery or not–and your age isn’t always one of them. Other factors include:

  • Pain and other symptoms, and how bad your pain is
  • X-rays that show bone-on-bone arthritis (when both sides of a joint have worn away so much that they rub against each other)
  • Failure of treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications or physical therapy to relieve your pain and allow you to do what you want
  • Inability to do the activities you want to do

The orthopedic surgeon will examine you and your hip and perform x-rays to see the extent of your arthritis. If it shows that there is no joint space left in the hip, that is a strong indication that hip replacement surgery could be in your future. But even then, you could have x-ray findings of significant arthritis and not much pain. That’s why it can be important to discuss all your treatment options.

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