There are risks and benefits to the various graft options we use in ACL reconstruction surgery. Which one is best for you?

Jason asks:
My 15-year-old daughter tore her ACL playing basketball. The doctor offered either using the hamstring or patella grafts. He tends to favor the patella, and all I have read seems to point that way. My only concern is the fact she is a catcher and is in the kneeling position at all times on defense. Softball is her main sport, and she is tracking to play in college. Her basketball injury was at the recreational level. Any data what college and pro catchers do when faced with ACL injuries? I know other competitive athletes tend to lead toward patella grafts, but the pain from kneeling is our concern. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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In this Ask Dr. Geier video, I discuss some of the pros and cons with patellar tendon grafts in athletes and other people who either kneel frequently or do a lot of squatting and jumping.

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