Many patients worry about pain that persists after surgery. Maybe it’s pain similar to what they were having before surgery, so they worry that surgery didn’t work. Or they might have some new symptom and worry something is wrong. In this Ask Dr. Geier video, I discuss when you might consider having your knee checked out if pain persists after plica surgery.

A concerned reader asks:
I had plica removal almost a year ago, and everything has been fine since. I have recently joined the springboard diving team at my college, and so I have been doing a lot more jumping than ever before. I am very afraid of my knees becoming like they were before again. My knee started to hurt after practice a few days ago, and it has not gone away. It’s not nearly as bad as the pain before the surgery though. I am not sure if I should ignore it, and it will be fine or if I should go see the athletic trainer? Is it worth it to go to the trainer, or am I probably just being paranoid?

Orthopaedic surgeons probably don’t perform surgery to treat plicae within the knee as often as in recent years. The surgery involves using a shaver to remove the plica, much like the surgery to treat many meniscus tears. Recovery can take weeks or even several months.

In this video, I offer my perspective on how a patient might be able to tell that he or she isn’t recovering normally from plica surgery and when you should talk to your surgeon about it.

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