The idea of banning home plate collisions in Major League Baseball has gotten more attention recently. A number of players and managers have called for a rule change to prevent some of the serious injuries that can occur when the base runner collides at full speed with the catcher.

Baseball purists argue that these collisions are part of the game. They also worry about teams essentially giving up runs if the catchers do not block the plate.

Proponents of the rule change note that the serious injuries that can occur cost a team far more than a few runs or wins. Concussions, fractures and other serious injuries can knock players out for long periods of time. Plus the pads that catchers wear are designed to prevent injuries from pitches and foul balls, not charging base runners.

We need to stop home plate collisions in baseball.

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Whether or not Major League Baseball changes its home plate rules, youth leagues can adopt changes to protect the players.

As a parent, you can encourage your child not to block home plate or barrel into the catcher. Home plate collisions might be a part of baseball, but that won’t be much consolation to your child if he is too hurt to play it.