The winter is a time where people often struggle to maintain their exercise routines. While Charleston does not regularly experience below-freezing temperatures, it does become cold enough to deter many avid runners and other athletes. In other parts of the country, it can get dangerously cold. Here are some clothing and equipment ideas for exercise in cold weather.

You have to dress appropriately. Here are some suggestions:

Shoes for exercise in cold weather

Wear shoes with appropriate tread for slick or icy conditions on trails, sidewalks and roads.

Keep body heat

Protect your head and extremities to prevent loss of body heat. Wear a hat, gloves or mittens, and warm, moisture-wicking socks.

Sunglasses and sunscreen

Wear sunglasses and sunscreen on sunny days to protect your eyes and prevent sunburn.

Dress in layers

Layers allow you to remove a garment or put it back on to adjust to changes in temperature and your body’s heat production.
Instead of one thick garment that can cause you to overheat, wearing a combination of three layers is optimal to prevent heat loss. The innermost layer should consist of polyester fabric that wicks away moisture from your body. Avoid cotton since it absorbs sweat and could keep your body wet. The second layer can be thin or heavy depending on the climate and exercise. The outermost layer should be a windproof and waterproof shell.

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Don’t overdress

Finally, don’t overdress, as exercise generates heat and sweat.

Hopefully these tips can help you safely exercise in cold weather and even snowy or icy conditions.