A frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition where the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint tightens, leading to a loss of shoulder motion in multiple directions. The condition can follow a traumatic or overuse shoulder injury, be related to an underlying medical condition, or develop with no underlying cause. Treatment usually involves working to increase range of motion with a physical therapist. Manipulation of the shoulder under anesthesia or arthroscopic surgery to release the capsule is occasionally needed. Often doing some exercises for a frozen shoulder can relieve your pain and allow you to get back to what you love to do.

In this video, physical therapist Yves Gege and I show a few exercises you can do to try to recover from a frozen shoulder.

Remember, these exercise posts, like other information on this site, are not intended to represent specific medical advice. If you have any questions about this injury or of its treatment, make sure to see your doctor or a physical therapist.

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