A SLAP tear of the shoulder is a tear of the labrum at the superior aspect of the glenoid (or top of the shoulder). Also known as a superior labral tear, it is frequently seen in pitchers and other throwing and overhead athletes. It is also seen in contact and collision sports in which an athlete is hit on the shoulder or lands on the shoulder or outstretched arm. Initially, management can focus on rehabilitation of the shoulder. Sometimes surgery is needed to clean up the tear or reattach it with stitches and anchors. Often doing some exercises for a SLAP tear can relieve your pain and allow you to get back to what you love to do.

Yves Gege and I show a few exercises you can do to try to recover from a SLAP tear.

Remember, these exercise posts, like other information on this site, are not intended to represent specific medical advice. If you have any questions about this injury or one its treatment, make sure to see your doctor or a physical therapist.

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