It’s a controversial opinion, but in a column in The Wall Street Journal, Johns Hopkins professor Dr. Marty Makary believes that COVID-19 will be mostly gone in the U.S. by April. He points out that cases have dropped 77 percent over the last six weeks, and that herd immunity is responsible. He argues that the dramatic drop in cases can’t be explained by anything but natural immunity, as travel and personal behaviors haven’t changed recently. The vaccines haven’t been given for long enough to have cut cases that much. Plus, in countries with high rates of coronavirus variants, their case numbers are also dropping quickly. I’d point out that we will need to follow real-world data on how the new variants that have been found in the U.S. affect COVID-19 transmission. And even if these predictions prove to be true, in the meantime, we still need to maintain our current vigilance and get the vaccine when it’s available to you.