Jerry Rice was the best wide receiver in the history of the NFL. He still holds records for yard, touchdowns and a number of other statistics in football. Despite growing up in a poor rural town in Mississippi, Rice was determined to make the NFL and become great when he got there.

Jerry Rice ran hill sprints after team practice ended

From his early football days playing the sport in high school, Jerry Rice worked harder than all of his teammates. His team ran sprints up a large hill in the brutal summer heat. Most players couldn’t finish the sprints, or they would vomit halfway through the sessions. Rice would return after practice and run more hill sprints, pushing himself harder and harder.

Rice’s hard work continued in the NFL

Even after he made the NFL, he worked hard every summer to improve. He would bring a few of his teammates with him, and they would run sprints or hills in the heat. Then after they left, Rice would lift weights for two-and-a-half hours six days a week.

Even after being selected to the Pro Bowl, Jerry Rice competed to be at his best for the largely ceremonial event. When the other players were coasting and treating the game as a vacation, he ran every route hard and fought to play his best.

Jerry Rice on how you practice and how you play

Do you push yourself harder than everyone else?

Do you push yourself harder than everyone else does to get better at what you do? This lesson applies to athletes, students, and anyone who works, whether you are an employee in a company or a leader. You can always learn a new skill. You can always put in extra hours getting better in a particular area. As I discuss about Jerry Rice in the video above, dedication and hard work can help you become a Champion in Sports, Business and Life.

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