It’s that time of year, where we feel we need to set a New Year’s resolution to improve ourselves. Whether we aim to start working out, losing weight, eat healthier, get up earlier in the morning or anything else, most of us will give up on the resolution early next year. Here are four simple tips to achieve your New Year’s resolution.

Get an accountability partner.

Designate a friend and ask him or her to keep you accountable. Maybe you check in daily or weekly with that person. Your friend can call you if you don’t check in. This type of accountability will push you to keep going on your New Year’s resolution, even if you don’t want to. You can even be accountability partners for each other.

Announce your goal, and check in every day.

Announce your New Year’s resolution to your friends and family to generate excitement. Post it on social media. Then update everyone on your progress every day. Encourage them to nudge you if you haven’t posted in a given day. You will find that when you know people are expecting an update, you will make yourself do it. Plus, you will get a lot of positive encouragement as they see your progress.

Regardless of your goal, these tips can help you achieve your New Year's resolution.

Don’t break the chain.

The key with any New Year’s resolution is consistency. Whatever it is you want to do, you have to find a way to do it every day. Get a big wall calendar, and put a big “X” on the day when you have completed your goal for that day. Then just don’t break the chain. Do it every day, no matter what, and mark your “X” across the day. Don’t have a day where you can’t mark it on your calendar.

Understand your why, and remind yourself of it often.

I discuss this point when I discuss motivating yourself to exercise and work out, but it applies to any goal. You must understand why you want to do something. Do you want to wake up earlier to write a book or read more? Do you want to start an exercise program to feel better and not struggle to walk up a flight of stairs. Find your underlying why, and it will serve as motivation as you push to keep your New Year’s resolution every day. Then post a reminder of your why where you will see it, like a photo on your bathroom mirror.

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