If you ever watch the X Games or the Winter Olympics, I’m sure you’ve seen these extreme sports athletes perform amazing stunts in freestyle skiing and snowboarding. It’s so much fun to watch these athletes compete. It’s no surprise that so many kids want to try these stunts too. How can kids learn freestyle skiing and snowboarding safely?

Unfortunately, serious, and even fatal, injuries can occur. We’ve seen it with Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke, who died in a training session. Numerous extreme sports competitors have been paralyzed. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen with our kids.

Kids who want to learn these sports should acquire the skills slowly and not try stunts they are not prepared to do. With GoPro cameras and YouTube, kids everywhere are trying acrobatic stunts for which they are unprepared.

Kids need to learn skiing and snowboarding stunts with a coach.

If your kids want to participate in these sports, have them work with a coach trained to teach young athletes these skills. Instead of kids watching YouTube and learning these tricks through trial and error, the coach can teach them all of the skills necessary. The kids would slowly advance in the difficulty of their stunts as the coach ensures that their skills have progressed appropriately.

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