Whether you’re trying to get bigger muscles, get stronger for your sport or just be a better overall athlete, resistance training can help you achieve your goals. Before you hit the weights, avoid these common weightlifting mistakes beginners make in the gym.

Poor technique

Many newcomers to the gym just flail their arms and legs when they pick up a barbell or set of dumbbells. Instead, work with a personal trainer for a few sessions to learn the proper form for each exercise.

Too much weight

Start with lower weights than you think and increase slowly. You might get injured trying to lift more weight than you can safely control.

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Badly designed exercise program

Don’t just focus on a few exercises and a couple parts of your body. Have a personal trainer create an exercise program that takes into account your goals, your body type and any injuries you have had.

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Neglect of other aspects of fitness

Don’t ignore your cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and mobility just to get bigger and stronger.

Watch this video for a more detailed explanation of these mistakes so you can stay safe and have better results in the gym!

Female weightlifting with personal trainer