Alabama head coach Nick Saban is one of the most successful football coaches in history. He has won national championships at two different schools. Every year his team is one of the favorites to win conference and national titles. One reason his teams are so successful lies in their ability to fix mistakes and move on after every game.

After every game, Saban and his coaches analyze every play of the last game, win or loss. They give every player a grade on every play and note what each player could do better.

First thing Monday morning, the position coaches gather their players and review the film and the mistakes with each player. In the afternoon practice, the coaches go through plays and formations, showing them how to do their job in each play correctly. After 15 minutes or so of working on these mistakes, the team moves on and starts preparing for next week’s game.

Saban’s process accomplishes several goals. One, coaches help the players understand what they did wrong while the plays are still fresh in their minds. The players can more easily correct them and will be less likely to make those mistakes again.

Nick Saban on always bringing your "A" game

Second, by working on the mistakes right after they are made and then moving on, the players won’t dwell on them for long. They will understand what they can do better without beating themselves up for weeks about them.

Last, the players learn that their role on every play contributes to the overall success of the team. They learn that their role, even if it doesn’t seem significant, can make the difference between success and failure on that play. The sessions actually build teamwork.

How do you work with your team to fix mistakes and improve? This lesson, as I discuss in the video above, is important for all of us. Whether you are a manager in your corporation, a teacher or sports coach, you can set up a system like Nick Saban’s to overcome mistakes and failures to improve and ultimately become Champions in Sports, Business and Life.

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Source: How Good Do You Want To Be? A Champion’s Tips on How to Lead and Succeed at Work and in Life by Nick Saban with Brian Curtis

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