Orthokine has received quite a bit of attention in recent years as many professional athletes have reportedly undergone the procedure. That list includes Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Alex Rodriguez and others. Created by a German doctor, Orthokine is currently being offered as a treatment for osteoarthritis and degenerative spine conditions at a small number of centers in the United States.

In this audio segment, I interview Dr. Andrew Blecher, a primary-care sports medicine physician at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute. Dr. Blecher discusses uses for Orthokine among pro athletes as well as recreational ones. He offers his thoughts on its effectiveness, cost, and other treatment options. He also shares his personal experience receiving Orthokine treatments for pain related to lumbar herniated discs.

Arthritis of the knee0:05 Introduction of Dr. Blecher and his practice
0:45 Dr. Blecher explains his use of regenerative medicine in his practice.
1:50 What is Orthokine, and what kinds of patients could benefit from its use?
4:07 What is the role of Orthokine for the treatment of osteoarthritis?
5:50 Does Orthokine treat the underlying disease process, or does it just improve the symptoms of the patients?
6:37 Are recreational athletes and weekend warriors asking for Orthokine?
8:40 Are there many risks to Orthokine treatments?
9:28 Dr. Blecher shares his experience with Orthokine as a patient.
12:49 What did he expect in terms of the length of the recovery process?
14:20 What therapies and other lifestyle modifications has he used along with the Orthokine?
15:36 What do you tell patients in your office who ask about these regenerative medicine procedures?
16:39 Is regenerative medicine the future of treatment of injuries in athletes?
18:15 How can readers and listeners get in touch with Dr. Blecher?

Learn more about Dr. Blecher on his website, or follow him on Twitter.