Despite many people saying their knee popped out of place, a patellar dislocation of the knee is not a “knee dislocation” but a “kneecap dislocation.” These injuries often occur in young athletes. In this video, I discuss this difficult knee injury and what your treatment options could be.

With a first-time patellar dislocation of the knee, especially if you are a younger athlete, you can try to avoid surgery. Maybe you wear a patellar-stabilizing brace. Physical therapy can help you regain knee motion and strength so that you can return to sports.

Woman with a patellar dislocation of the knee

If you start having repeated episodes where your kneecap dislocates completely, or it subluxes, or partially pops out of place, you might ultimately need surgery. A number of factors play a role, like age, gender, anatomic features and more. In this video, I discuss when surgery might be needed and what types of surgery can be performed.

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